Our Law Consultant is fully equipped to assist clients in a wide range of Indonesian corporate law areas, including:

  1. Contracts drafting an negotiations
  2. Establishment of a company in the form of limited liability company (PT)
  3. Establishment of a Foreign Capital Investment Company (PT. PMA)
  4. Amendment of company’s articles of association
  5. Dissolution of a corporation
  6. Corporate restructuring
  7. Corporate secretarial services (on progress)
  8. And others

Labor and Employment

Our Law Consultant advises clients on all aspects of Indonesian employment law, including:

  1. Company regulations
  2. Employment contracts
  3. Retrenchment negotiations and separation agreements
  4. Labor disputes before the dispute resolution tribunals
  5. Assist clients in securing expatriate visas, working permits and in dealing with the immigration authorities
  6. Perform labor compliance checks.

Land Law

Land : Legal service in land disputes









Our Law Consultant fights for its clients goals in broad spectrum of Indonesian litigation, including:

  1. Corporate and commercial litigation, such as disputes regarding commercial contracts, real estate, consumer protection and others
  2. Criminal litigation regarding individuals or companies in various criminal allegations
  3. Administrative litigation between clients and the government
  4. Labor litigation such as litigation at the Indonesian Industrial Court due to disputes between companies and labor unions
  5. Intellectual property right litigation, such litigation regarding trademark, copyright or patent infringement
  6. Alternative dispute resolution, such as negotiation, mediation and arbitration

Banking and Finance

Our Law Consultant represents financial institutions in all aspects of banking and finance, including:

  1. Preparation and counseling on loans agreements and security documents
  2. Corporate debt restructuring
  3. Advise on banking law and regulations governing financial institutions in general

Family & Marriage

Our Law Consultant has extensive experience in assisting clients in a broad spectrum of family and marriage law issues, including:

  1. Marriage law, such as Indonesian marriage, mixed marriage (forgeigner – Indonesian), Indonesian islamic mariage and related agreements
  2. Divorce law, such as litigation, child custody and related issues
  3. Inheritance issues.

Intellectual Property

Our Law Consultant advises clients concerning the trademark, copyright, patents and industrial designs relating to their businesses, as well as the negotiation of contracts for the sale or licensing of intellectual properties, including:

  1. Registration of intellectual property rights
  2. Drafting and submitting objections
  3. Filing actions against infringers
  4. Negotiations and settlements