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“ We work together as a family and we treat all of our consultant equal”

ANDREAS ROY GINTINGroy.ginting@sspkonsultan.com

Founder and Managing PArtner od PT. SUAKA SOLUSI PRIMA ( SSP CONSULTANT ). He as worked for the join forces of Finance and Development Supervisory Agency ( BPKP ) and Directorate General of Taxes ( Indonesia Tax Authority ) for more than 5 yeats, subsequentlu he had over 15 years experiences in finance and taxation field of multinational company.

He graduated from State College odf Accounting ( STAN ), hel CPA Tax COnsultant Certificate ( BPKP ) and Registered Tax Court Attorney.











VERA DHAMAYANTIvera.dhamayanti@sspkonsultan.com

Head of Tax Division PT. SUAKA SOLUSI PRIMA, she has worked for Finance and Development Supervisory Agency ( BPKP ) for more than 5 years, subsequently she had over 16 years experience in finance and taxation field of multinational company and consulting firm.

She graduate from State College of Accountancy ( STAN ) and held JFA auditor certificate.













THEODORA BATUBARAtheo.batubara@sspkonsultan.com

Partner of SSP Consultant, she earned her Bachelor degree in the Accounting from Atmajaya University.
She completed her bachelor degree in Law from the university of Sahid Jakarta and also earned Master degree in Tax Administration from University of Indonesia.

She has been working for over 15 years as tax consultant and legal with very strong background in handling legal and taxation cased e.g Tax Audit, Tax Objection, Tax Appeal. She held Tax Attorney and Tax Consultant Certificate ( IKPI ) and Indonesian BAR Association from PERADI









RENDI RISANDYrendi.risandy@sspkonsultan.com

Partner of SSP Consultant. Graduated from University of Indonesia, has been working for over 15 years’ tax consultant and multinational company with very strong background in handling various taxation cases e.g. Tax Audit, Tax Objection, Tax Appeal in various Industry.

He has a success story in various cases of disputes in Tax Appeal. He held Tax Attorney License in Tax Court and Tax Consultant Certificate (BKP). His latest position is Tax Head of South East Asia of the Multi National Company.

Mr Risandy concentrates on domestic and international tax issues composing of corporate income tax, VAT, transfer pricing, international tax, and tax management. He has handle wide range of disputes in most of Industry also have a high win percentage in the tax court. He also assists clients in preparing the proper transfer pricing documentation for routine compliance reporting (local file, master file, and country-by-country reporting) and for specific purposes such as MAP and APA.