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Tax may or may not constitute your business expense depending on who should by law be held responsible for the tax. However, in practice this matter is not always clear. As a result, when a surprise tax assessment is issued by the ITO, controversies may arise not only between you and the ITO but also between you and your counter party to the relevant transaction. It is therefore advisable to consider tax implications of any transactions in advance. You may also need to revisit past transactions not supported by proper tax planning. SSP CONSULTANT will help you identify the tax implications of your envisaged transactions or deals. Our professionals will assist you in putting tax-related issues in appropriate clauses in your agreements so as to flag up the tax implications and minimize controversy risks between you and your counter parties in the transactions. With regard to past transactions, we will help you identify the tax exposures and recommend ways to mitigate the tax risks in the framework of prevailing tax regulations. When the exposures ultimately materialize into tax assessments and controversies with the ITO are unavoidable, our support is readily available to defend your merit in each case

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