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Controversies with the Indonesian Tax Office (ITO) may arise at various stages. In a tax audit, this may concern with particular corrections put forward by the ITO to which you do not agree. If not settled during the audit, another controversy may arise over the tax assessment resulting from the audit. An objection letter will need to be filed with ITO as a way to solve the controversy. Lengthy discussions with the ITO will follow after the filing of an objection letter. While deliberation is underway, another controversy may arise over the measures undertaken by the ITO to collect the tax assessment. Further, when the ITO ultimately releases a decision on the objection, another controversy may still arise, especially if the ITO concludes that there is no merit in your objection. Litigation would be the appropriate way to deal with the last controversy. Once a tax controversy arises, immediate actions must be taken. Timing is essential as a delay may turn a tax controversy into a disaster. SSP CONSULTANT understands well how to deal with tax controversies wherever they arise. Our professionals advise and provide assistance in handling tax audits and objections. Our support will continue in the litigation process if required. You do not need to be concerned about potential breach of Sarbanes-Oxley restrictions given that we are not involved in the statutory audit of your accounts and accordingly none of the independence restrictions are applicable to us. Hence, a change of tax consultants in litigation cases merely for the sake of the independence rule is not relevant. These should give you more confidence as a consistent and diligent approach to your case can always be maintained by a solid team of professionals who understand and follow up your case well from the first stage a controversy arises up to the litigation process.

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